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Links Another website of mine which provides translation services between Danish, Swedish, English and Russian. In Danish. The student bar at Aalborg University Esbjerg. It has a webcam pointing to the bar!  In Danish. Aalborg University Esbjerg. In Danish. In English. High-rise building information website. In English. Denmark's best HiFi-dealer, with many good products and a very good service too. In Danish. German battery-manufacture. Makes good batteries! In English. National Danish Television. Here you can find news and other good stuff.  In Danish. Magazine for young people. Do you want to abuse some time, go to this website. In Danish. Ingeniøren - the website for the Danish magazine about engineering and science. In Danish. The homepage of Engineers Without Frontiers. In Danish. In English. The magazine for the conscripts of The Danish Emergency Agency which I'm currently involved in making. In Danish.


My cousin Niels Husted's photo works website. In Danish. My cousin Ole Øuien's website. In Danish. My aunt Laila Øuien's website. In Danish.
Signe Pedersen My aunt Signe Pedersen's website. In Danish.


Thomas Poul Bruun Lorenzen

One of my good friends from university.

Rasmus Villemoes

One of my friends which is studying mathematics at Aarhus University. In Danish.

Space related...


Here you can participate in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, which your own computer. In Danish. In English. 

A page mainly about the Danish involvement in space exploration. In Danish.

Russia... The Moscow Times, a Moscow based newspaper in English. In English. Mankind's only alternative. In English. In Russian. Master Russian is a very good site, if you want to learn Russian - outside Russia:-) In English.

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