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Iceland - part 2

Man monster bus - 2008
Not only Gullfoss was impressive, but also the tourist "buses" for taking a closer look at the mountains.

Iceland seen trough the side-mirror - 2008
The next day I decided to drive the couple of hundred kilometres to the footsteps of Vatnajökull - the worlds third biggest glacier.

On the road to Vatnajökull - 2008
However few cars there were on the road the drive turned out to be quite dangerous - I just couldn't get my eyes of this amazing view - millions of tons of ice sawing itself down the mountain not more than a few kilometres of the road. Staggering.

Me at Jökulsarlon - 2008
The view at Jökulsarlon, my final destination, somehow makes time stop or slow down. There I was - facing (when I am not looking into the camera) a huge broad front of pure water confined by cold into a blue coloured mountain of ice.

A seal at Jökulsarlon - 2008
A seal taking a look at the surrounding world at Jökulsarlon.

Jökulsarlon - 2008
... and yet another picture of Jökulsarlon.

Highway 1 - 2008
Highway 1 back towards Reykjavik from Jökulsarlon - this must what the Americans call freedom!

Sunset near Vik - 2008
The sunset just outside the small village of Vik.

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