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Iceland - part 3

Room at Guesthouse Lundi - 2008
Guesthouse Lundi made the perfect setting for the nights sleep with its old small romantic and simple rooms. No television, no radio, no mobile (the one on the table served as an alarm clock), only subdued light from the small lamp, which somehow seemed a bit unnecessary taken the already bright nights into account here in early May.

Bakki airfield - 2008
Bakki airfield - finally an airport without airport security checks!

Britten Norman at Bakki airfield - 2008
The vacation was set to peak with a flight in a small 9 seater Britten-Norman Islander to the Westman Islands followed by a hike around the island - this proved to surpass all expectations. After a days walk around Heimaey (the main island) with the sun shining from clear skies it was hard to say goodbye to this natural wonderland. The last hours until my early morning plane would head back to a world of meetings, muda and metropolitan brain-damage, I spent in the night-life of Reykjavik - one as wild as the nature on Iceland.

"You are the tallest - you take co-pilots seat." said our pilot to my great joy. Now I know how much I am missing when I flying monkey class with other airlines. Before take-off the pilot asked us (3 passengers) to turn-off all mobile phones and ended the sentence with: "The emergency exits are [small pause] all the doors and windows."

Heimaey - 2008
The Westman Islands as seen from co-pilots seat (!) with the biggest island Heimaey in the foreground. Notice the dark area on the left which is lava from the 1973 volcanic eruption which made the island 20 % bigger in about 5 months. More coffee?

Cockpit view - 2008
Yet another amazing view out of the cockpit.

Vestmannaeyjar Airport - 2008
The approach to Vestmannaeyjar Airport's north-south runway.

Puffin catching a girl - 2008
Puffins are everywhere on Heimaey and it seems to me that they also like girls.

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