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Iceland - part 4

Bird cruising near Heimaey - 2008
A beautiful sea bird cruising past the east side of Heimaey. I used many hours trying to catch birds with my new 200 mm lens, however I quickly understood that this is a very difficult job. I suddenly got a lot of respect for bird photography - it is really not that easy.

Me relaxing 120 % - 2008
No guys, lying on the beach on Majorca has nothing to do with relaxation - this has!

A view of the Westman Islands towards the south-east from Heimaey - in the far distance Surtsey can be seen - the island which became famous for not being there before 1963.

Iceland as seen from Heimaey - 2008
Iceland as seen from the distance can be impressive, but sometimes the details can attract all your attention as with this reddish front of lava which fills a great part of this picture. I could almost feel the force of the volcanoes erupting when I worked around on the lava which mainly consisted of pumice.

I have long known what pumice was, but never seen it in quantities of several hundred thousand tons and never walked on bare hills of it. I was amazed that I had to take extra care for every footstep I took since the low density pumice had a lot of cavities - and sometimes even foot swallowing ones.

Pumice desert on Heimaey - 2008
A closer look at the pumice desert which is used by the locals as a speedway track.

Lighthouse on Heimaey - 2008
Apart from the area being used for motorcycle sports it is not used for many things, however a lonely lighthouse can be found on the north-eastern corner of the island. With the sun very low in the horizon it almost looks like a scene from the 1990 film "Total Recall" with the beautiful red lava.

Reykjavik old harbour - 2008
With the Westman Islands in my memory I was standing on the harbour in Reykjavik waiting for boarding the ship "Elding" for a whale watching tour in the bay of Reykjavik. As can be seen on the photo the weather was fine, but...

...we did not see a single whale on our prolonged 4,5 hour tour around the bay, instead we pointed our zoom lenses at birds and Reykjavik. The wind made it a very cold experience, so I was happy to get back and enjoy a cold beer.

Before leaving for Iceland I expected clouds, rain, fog, more fog, storm and more bad weather I knew that I was the luckiest man on the planet and my good memories will be there to return again and again until I myself again will set foot on this magnificent piece of our common planet.

Ivano-Frankivsk, 21st May 2008

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